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    Accepting new team members/Updates!???

    Well I'm certainly down for more tech boards.
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    Bi-weekly Community Check in #1

    Awesome! Enjoy it man :)
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    Game Tokens

    It's lookin' good dude! @JewishPoptart89 is right, all your sites look amazing.
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    Bi-weekly Community Check in #1

    Your signature concerns me haha Nice! Which model? Ive got a Rebel T3 which I got as a high school grad gift. I still love taking photos with it. Oh my god that was 7 years ago..
  5. edenwax | My Portfolio Site

    Thanks for the feedback! Originally in my testing they were responsive, but it seems like something has broken. I'll let you know once it has been fixed. :smiley:
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    Accepting new team members/Updates!???

    I don't want to see it fail either. :( There are still a few of us around. Perhaps if we could get some active staff we could get it up and running again. But in my personal opinion, its really hard to stay motivated when there is only you and a few other staff members posting. I'd really like...
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    Accepting new team members/Updates!???

    I cant speak for all of the staff, but I feel like most of us have given up on trying to keep this place alive. That being said, I'd be very interested to see what the community thinks we should do. As for your application, I'd shoot a message to @Cameron. Cheers
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    Boys and girls, I just graduated highschool.

    Congrats, man!
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    LayerBB- New Open Source Forum Software

    Looks pretty interesting! I do like the simplicity and the customization. And although its a small gripe, I'd rather not see the extensions in the URL (.php, etc).
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    Eden's Graphic Design Dump

    Perhaps I'll do an "Eden's Web Design Dump" later. :P
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    But.. Minecraft is already 3D? It does look like a good clone though!
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    Welcome to the community!
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    Forum Destroy Repeat

    Somethings wrong with your SSL! :(
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    Feedback for DiscussPF

    Much better! :D
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    Thanks! Not really - I just was cruising Adobe's color wheel and this one stood out. Oh gosh probably soon.