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    Do you play Football (Soccer)?

    From high school or other sports from school, Yes is the answer. But the person that I am I'm not into sports
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    Is there a free (or cheap) VPN plug in for chrome?

    There is an good amount, But I can not say what's the best since I only used one and then that's it. I link it anyway if you want to see it
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    Going To Amusement Parks

    Amusement parks aren't that big in Australia, and even now in another country it never really fussed me to go. I have been to an amusement park but all you tend to do is spend allot of money for something that's not worth doing. End of the day I don't go, I rather go to and day out elsewhere
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    Which OS do you prefer on desktop?

    100% of my time is using windows 10. Been using 10 since the very first day when they release the bate and that was back in 2014 or 2015. Before that I was on widows 7 Regards windows 8, I never did like and and never used it at all, even on my laptop I removed it
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    Blog Commenting

    Seems lucky to get blog comments, I have had articles with no comments. With guests allow to comment
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    Announcement Accepting Moderator Applications

    nicely done. I hope the best of luck to those that will or may get accepted. Just hope to the staff that you will pick the right person as it's the most hardest job.
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    Do you like to have a full range of banners for your website?

    8x31 and 728x90 are the most used advert size also 250x250 for widgets on the side of the forums. I like to keep it clean on both front and back end and also earning something back. I mean I seen websites that have so much advertisement that it takes over the page and can of see the mine point...
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    How much TV do you watch?

    Back when I was living in Australia, I watch allot of hours mostly at night but now I tend to do allot of things on my computer and when i do watch something I just put my amazon stick on and see my tv/movies at anytime I like. There are so much rubbish on TV that I don't bother. Also I do have...
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    Royalty Free Music

    Same here also, I use songs from NCS YouTube channel and also since I'm partnered or should say was they also offer free songs to use when you stream or doing videos.
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    Do you do reviews on your blog of websites?

    I haven't thought of doing that on my website. But why would I need to since I run an gaming website and also I have bad grammar. I don't and I won't be doing much of that in the coming years or whatnot
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    What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Last what I have seen was twitch. But I need to see the next vikings and Walking dead. Plus allot of movies on my wish list. I need to start catching up,
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    Forcing someone to quit?

    e Even that I do not like them why would I remove them if they are doing an very good job. IN my time I had not had to do that and tank god. I would no force them out I would ask them and say why and then leave it up to them.
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    Home Servers/FreeNAS

    Someone has mention it to me some years ago regards keeping all of my videos on it. But I thought to myself it was just cheaper to get an 4TB HDD internal drive
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    Do you like .xyz?

    I do like the idea in terms, like for an gaming website you can have .game .gaming .xbox and whatnot
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    Who is your Email Provider?

    I started off with Yahoo then moved over to outlook. My outlook is my main private and then Gmail is for other things. I have like 4 email accounts and 2 I use the most