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    Good to hear man, and thanks! :)

    Good to hear man, and thanks! :)
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    Yooo. Nothing much, you?

    Yooo. Nothing much, you?
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    What's your favorite version of phpBB so far?

    Gah, phpBB 2 is bleh to me. I set up a demo board with it one time and even though people said it was good for the years it was released for, I felt it was very bland and could have offered more functionality like how vBulletin did, but that could be in part with phpBB being open source and not...
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    Is vBulletin now dead?

    While vBulletin 5 is absolute garbage, vB3 and 4 both still have a huge support community. Many would even endorse vB3 over vB5, which in other situations would be insane, but I can agree with them. I won't lie, if vBulletin was dead, I would have to attribute some of the blame besides vB5 on...
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    Why did you choose wordpress?

    Wordpress for a blog is really a no brainer in my opinion. Many news outlets and media sites use it, and rightfully so in part with the powerful capabilities it offers. Wordpress also offers a vast plugin database and it's also extremely easy to integrate with other software. You can't forget...
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    What is the most difficult aspect of designing/coding?

    For me as far as I have seen in the various processes used in these two practices, I would say coding the PSD. One YouTube video I once watched showed the intensity of it, or that's how I perceived it. Over on ZetaBoards, they have some beautiful themes but I could not imagine having a go at...
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    Have you ever had a host shut down?

    I had an experience where the host shut down all the sudden and with no notice, we lost our data. It was a great deal but unfortunately it seemed that the owner could not pay and rather than letting the clients know, he didn't care at all. Have you experienced something like this?
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    What gives a forum its soul?

    It's the community that is imperative to have a successful community, but it's also the drive of the Staff as well, and especially the owner. The owner takes all faults ultimately and is normally the creator of the forum. At this point, the owner should never give up, lest that become noticeable...
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    Forum cash

    On some forums forum cash can be a great way to invigorate members to post and get more active. However on some forums such as more mature audiences, I think they would want more valuable items to get when redeeming forum cash. On forums with younger audiences, some will be content with username...
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    Does SMF feel dated to you?

    Every time I go onto a forum that runs SMF, I just feel that it looks dated and even with an awesome theme, it's the look of the forum layout and how things work and feel that I don't like. For example, the profile pages seem over complicated, and don't get me started on the Admin CP. The...
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