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  1. Chris Grigg

    Free Stuff - New stuff weekly

    Thanks for the links. I have managed to snatch up the freebies.
  2. Chris Grigg

    Feedback please

    Thanks for your feedback. I'd definitely be willing to replace the logo, but I need someone to make them. :P I'm no good with graphics. I'd be willing to pay for it if it's good enough.
  3. Chris Grigg

    WHMCS Pricing

    I was one of those that it affected. I used to offer WHMCS for free on select packages, but after the change, I no longer could.
  4. Chris Grigg

    WHMCS Pricing

    Yes, it was $49.99.
  5. Chris Grigg

    WHMCS Pricing

    It irritated me when they done this switch, but luckily we had already purchased the lifetime license. I do hate that they increased the renewal cost to $100/year although.
  6. Chris Grigg

    Microsoft wants to force Windows 10 users to use Edge on mail links

    I use "inbox" app on my phone that is provided by Google and I also use "", so I get to skip all this anyways. xD
  7. Chris Grigg

    Microsoft wants to force Windows 10 users to use Edge on mail links

    How do you feel about this? I don't agree that Microsoft should be able to "force" their product on their end users. I feel it should ultimately be up to the user's choice.
  8. Chris Grigg

    Thoughts on MyBB themes

    If I "had" to choose from those 3, then I would choose Selenium. All 3 are pretty basic and unappealing although. I know MyBB can has some pretty attractive themes, but they are not free unfortunately.
  9. Chris Grigg

    How much are you willing to pay for a domain extension?

    Depends on the domain. If it's a domain I have had for years and it has traffic, then sure I'll pay to renew it even if it costs $100 bucks. Now for most domains, I'd not want to pay anything over $15. :P
  10. Chris Grigg

    Cortex Networks: Hosts

    #Locked Website showing error code. Message a staff member to have topic unlocked once problem is fixed.
  11. Chris Grigg

    20,000 posts!

    Good milestone, congrats everyone. :) Here's to 100,000.
  12. Chris Grigg

    Miscellaneous [Closed] - 30 USD only - Transferable XenForo License

    Ah snap, not a bad deal at all. Renewed makes it only $70.
  13. Chris Grigg

    Forum TheCryptoForum - A Cryptocurrency Community

    :P Thanks, it's actually just a placeholder until I can get a better one made. It only took a few minutes in Photoshop lol.
  14. Chris Grigg

    Forum TheCryptoForum - A Cryptocurrency Community
  15. Chris Grigg

    General Chat Topic

    I know some about engine work, but not too much. I'm more of modifications, recovering upholstery and such.
  16. Chris Grigg

    Graphics [WTB] Advertising Graphics for USHost247

    I am looking for popular size advertisement graphics for I've never been picky on the designs as long as they are professional looking. I am willing to pay for your time and effort going into these. You may base the graphics around our current theme colors/design...
  17. Chris Grigg

    General Chat Topic

    I'm doing okay, just finished up reupholstering my girlfriends console in her car with leather. Enjoying the night off work. Done 36 hours just this weekend. D: I'm tired.
  18. Chris Grigg

    Do some colors not go so good together?

    Definitely red and blue. Such as red text on blue background. Biggest eyesore you will ever get.
  19. Chris Grigg

    Username rquest change

    I have completed the username change per your request.
  20. Chris Grigg

    Explanation of my absence

    Welcome back. Glad to hear you are doing well and also you got your problem with your coach resolved.