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  1. JennyorAlice

    Are there certain forums that perform well without a staff?

    If the forum is pretty new, you can probably get by with a lead administrator or forum owner. But, as the forum grows, I think it's better that they have more staff around to help manage things (especially as the forum grows more active). Otherwise, you could end up with someone ruining the...
  2. JennyorAlice

    Have you ever had a host shut down?

    I've never had this issue, however, I've heard horror stories from other people about this happening to them. These stories were much like what the people have posted before me.
  3. JennyorAlice


    I've used this from a member's perspective but I've never used this from an admin's perspective. I know people who have created a forum with this software and I've not really been a fan of it. So, I've never used it to create a forum with.
  4. JennyorAlice

    How did you pick your niche?

    This I agree with. Doing a niche` that you are interested in is something that you'll be more likely to work harder at because you have a passion for it. And you can tell when someone is passionate about a particular subject as well. So, people are more likely to hang around your site when...
  5. JennyorAlice

    Harder than the others?

    Which do you think is harder to manage....a forum, a blog or a website? Why do you think that is harder than the others? Which do you think is the easiest?
  6. JennyorAlice

    Grow tired?

    Do you think you'll ever grow tired of managing your forum/blog/website/etc.? Why or why not? What makes you keep going and working hard on your site? What is your motivation?
  7. JennyorAlice

    Points system?

    I just recently added this to a forum that I have. I thought it would be something fun to add to the forum, plus, it gives members a chance to be rewarded for their posting that they're doing around the forum.
  8. JennyorAlice

    Retired Staff

    I would consider offering the V.I.P. membership I have on my forum to any retired staff. The V.I.P.'s get extra benefits that the regular members don't get. But that also depends on if that person leaves on good terms and what not.
  9. JennyorAlice

    Word Requirement

    I can kind of see having a word requirement if you are going to participate in any role-playing games on a forum (regardless if they just have a section dedicated to rpg's or that is the niche` of the forum). Having a certain word count would help ensure the quality of the rpg. But outside of...
  10. JennyorAlice

    Chatbox on a forum?

    Do you think it is a good idea to add some kind of a chatbox or shoutbox to a forum? Why or why not? Would you add one to your forum (or have you added one to yours already)? Do you think adding one takes away from the discussions on your forum?
  11. JennyorAlice

    What Are Your Current Projects?

    I currently have 2 projects I'm working on. One is a horror related forum called Horror Mansion. The other is a general/entertainment related forum called Grand Central Station. Both of them keeping me pretty busy.
  12. JennyorAlice

    How long?

    How long have you had your current project (regardless if it's a forum, blog or website)? How long do you think you'll keep owning/running your current project? Do you ever think you'll grow tired of it? Why or why not?
  13. JennyorAlice

    Best company to host your blog?

    Which hosting company do you use for your blog? What made you pick that company? Do you like them or dislike them?
  14. JennyorAlice


    On my forum, I expect a certain amount of professionalism. That's why there are rules on the forum. But that doesn't mean that people aren't allowed to have fun. The rules aren't there to make sure that no one has any fun, they are there so that someone doesn't try to hurt the ambiance of the...
  15. JennyorAlice

    Blogger vs WordPress Blog

    I know people who have used WordPress Blog but I don't know anyone that uses Blogger. But I think what you are talking about is determined by the content shared in your blog, the tags you use for each article you write, how much advertising you're doing for your blog and so on. That will be...
  16. JennyorAlice

    Before you start...

    I'll do my own research to determine which one I think is best for me. I'll see how reliable the company is, what they offer, what their previous and current customers have to say about them, etc.
  17. JennyorAlice

    List of Web Hosts

    Would you be willing to add Zetaboards and Forumotion to the free hosting?
  18. JennyorAlice

    Rewarding Your Staff

    They get all the same perks that the V.I.P.'s do but they don't have to use their forum currency to purchase the membership. I'm also considering adding a "staff of the month" award to the forum. I am considering other options to reward staff members at this time...
  19. JennyorAlice


    On your blog, does it have a particular niche` or do you just write about whatever comes to mind? If you do have a niche` then what type of niche` do you have on your blog and what made you choose that niche`? Do you think it's good to have a certain niche` on a blog? Do you think some are...
  20. JennyorAlice


    Thank you guys for the nice comments. We've expanded the forum a bit to include science fiction and horror/thriller in addition to the fantasy. Hope everyone likes it!