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  1. edenwax

    Eden's Graphic Design Dump

    I was cleaning out my desktop folders and thought I'd share some neat things I've made for the year(s). The Almost WebsiteForums v2 Design! Before I mentioned the redesign to the staff, this was a rebrand/design idea I had for v2. Ascensia A group of friends...
  2. edenwax | My Portfolio Site

    Hey everyone! I recently finished a portfolio/personal website for myself. For the past 10 years or so I've always started new portfolio/personal websites but never got around to finally finishing one. The goal was to make it super simple, easy to navigate, mobile friendly and easy on the...
  3. edenwax

    Home Servers/FreeNAS

    Anyone here have any experience with homeservers and/or FreeNAS? I recently built a plex server/NAS machine and while I was able to get everything all set up, I have no idea how to incorporate a second drive to extend the storage. (so if you've got some tips, please shoot them my way!) In the...
  4. edenwax

    What do you drive?

    I know theres an old thread like this but Im pretty sure it hasnt seen the light of day since 2016 so I'm starting a new one! What are are you driving? (if you drive, that is) I'm currently driving this beauty:
  5. edenwax

    Framework of choice?

    So its 2018 and there are more Javascript frameworks than I could probably count. Which ones do you prefer and why? I'm a bit old-school myself and stick with jQuery most of the time because its what Im familiar with. I'd love to pick up Angular and the rest of the MEAN stack, really. Seems to...
  6. edenwax

    Osprey Electric - Website Overhaul

    Hey everyone, I'd like to show ya'll a website I've been working on lately. Before: After: Context: Osprey is a company that my brother works for here on Vancouver Island. Super awesome company, but the website is a Wix-disaster. Let me know what...
  7. edenwax


    Hey everyone, I'd like to mention a site I own called Thamium9. It's a place where No Man's Sky players can upload and share their favourite screenshots from the game! Despite the games downfalls, it does make some pretty scenes. :) Check it out: Cheers!
  8. edenwax

    Dear Americans, please don't let Big Cable ruin the internet!
  9. edenwax

    Firefox 57 (Quantum?)

    So I know browser updates arent typically all that interesting, however Firefox just released 57 with their new "Quantum" engine. Firefox now feels insanely fast vs how it did on 56. It reminds me a lot of how snappy Chrome feels :0 It boasts 30% less RAM usage than Chrome too! I'd definitely...
  10. edenwax

    Mechanical Keyboards

    Alright, time to nerd about about computer peripherals. So I love mechanical keyboards, they're like typing in tactile heaven. Ive owned 3 different models so far. Razer Blackwidow (never again), Ducky Shine 3(Cherry MX Blues), and my current CM MasterKeys Pro S(Cherry MX Browns). I have to...
  11. edenwax

    Let's see those internet speedtests!

    Im a huge nerd and Im curious what everyones internet speeds are like! Here's mine:
  12. edenwax

    What's your dream car?

    Hey look I'm starting a thread for once! What's your dream car? Mine personally would be either the Subaru WRX STI, MKIV Supra, and of course a Tesla.
  13. edenwax

    Feedback on my new Portfolio site

    Hey guys, Im nearing the completion phase of my new portfolio site and I'd like to know what you guys think about it! You can take a peak at it here: Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. :smiley: Note: While it is mobile friendly, Im still tweaking the sizing so it...
  14. edenwax

    Closed Old Websites Giveaway

    Hey fellow WebsiteForum..ers, As someone who's been pumping out new portfolio websites for myself.. often, I've decided to start a new personal tradition where I give away the code & assets of my old portfolio websites. While its not super impressive, here is a templated-version of my old...
  15. edenwax

    Hi I'm Colin AMA

    Ask me anything :)
  16. edenwax


    Hey everyone, I'm Colin. There may be one or two of you who remember me from various code and design forums that went dark years ago. I found WebsiteForums after discovering an advertisement/banner was uploaded to my image host site, so I thought I'd check it out. (Also I believe Cameron...