1. Sean Quinn

    Whats your thoughts on posting comps to get more content?

    What is your thoughts on forums running posting competitions to get more content on their forums quicker? :P I have done this before on previous forums i have owned, and i am on the fence, because it can generate good activity on your forum and get some new members in, but on the other hand, you...
  2. Sean Quinn

    Some More Trophies

    It would be good to have some more Trophies on the forums that people can try get. :P
  3. Boroku

    On a new blog, how often should I be posting?

    I'm running a new blog and I need to know how often I should be posting. What are your thoughts?
  4. Fel1x

    How often do you post?

    I usually post about once a week. How about you?
  5. Christopher

    Would you allow anonymous posting on your forum?

    In my opinion, I think anonymous posting lures the wrong kind of company: spammers and trolls. I'm wondering if anyone would allow people to post anonymous on their forum. Would you allow it?