A few cool SMF plugins for beginners


Drastically Average
Mar 10, 2015
I have been using SMF for a long time. Throughout the years, I have come across a couple must have plugins for every new SMF forum!

1. PM to new Members
It's always good to greet new members. PM to new Members allows an automated message to be sent to every new member as soon as they register their account!

2. SMF shop mod
SMF shop gives your members a reason to keep posting. This mod allows them to gain points per post, and then purchase stuff on your forum like colored usernames, more inbox space and more!

3. Ultimate Profile
Ultimate Profile enhances user's profiles'. It allows for chatting, status' changes and more

4. Recaptcha
Spam is crazy. If you don't have some type of spam deterrent. You will get bombarded with a bunch of annoying stuff posted by bots on your SMF forum.