Building a Xenforo-based native app


Drastically Average
Sep 11, 2017

So one thing that I think has plagued forums is not having a dedicated native app for your site. Literally the absolute perfect situation for an app in the crowded marketplace is a forum where you have a super hyped up community that loves your site. They will put it on the homescreen and enable push notifications.

I have recently ran two projects where we used as a web wrapper solution where we packages forums inside of it, used for push notifications and the results have been brilliant. and were the two sites we did under this. Downspike is built 100% with Xenforo, Newschoolers is custom.

However, in the case of Xenforo - the alerts system plugs in perfectly to native push notifications. Its been a game changer for both forums, and I feel like more people should know this is possible.

Anyone else messed around with native apps?