Devlett Corporate


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Feb 17, 2016
YES TO THE GREEN/GREY DESIGN. (Ive been doing that in my portfolio too xP)

I'd take the line + .com out of the logo. Its too small to see properly and makes the logo look more cluttered.

"Innovate Connected" reads a bit weird.. and it doesnt make a whole lot of sense as just those two words. Innovate the connected, or Innovation Connected would be much better options imo.

The green/dark grey thing is bae, I love it. Biggest complain would be the mix of typography through the design - specifically under the "about us" section.

Everywhere else on the page is a beautiful mix of bold proper-case and smaller upper-case. But "about us" and "the team" are lower case. To unify the design a bit, I'd either choose the same bolded proper-case text used in the slogan or the smaller uppercase text used elsewhere on the site.

You've got two "about" sections which is a bit odd. The first one seems to define the slogan, which I've mentioned above.
For "about us" I'd change it to "Who we are" or unify it with "The Team" for both sections.

"The Team" also has a bunch of empty space, so it looks like it was designed for more photos but there are only 2 currently. Consider maybe centering the two to make it look intentional.
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