Fourth Councilman Nominations


Executive Director
Jan 29, 2015
Nashville, TN
Howdy folks!

We are now accepting nominations for the fourth member of our Community Council. @Ash was technically the fourth member added to the Community Council back in November, but due to @s3_gunzel's resignation a while back, we have only had three members in our Community Council for the last couple months. Each member of the community is permitted to reply to this topic with one nomination, but the nomination post that receives the most likes in this topic will be the one that is placed in an election poll.

  • You cannot nominate yourself, but you can like the post that someone else made nominating you.
  • Actively serving staff members cannot be nominated.
  • If you are nominated, but you do not wish to participate in this, you can deny the nomination.
  • This nomination process will end in 14 days.

Thanks guys!
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