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Despairingly Simple
Aug 5, 2018
Site Name: Leet Forums
URL: https://leetforums.net
Type: Forum - MyBB

Site Info: We at Leet Forums have a plethora of different topics to offer. Our Lounge has a jokes/memes sub-forum for all your 4chan-like threads, as well as other sections for any general, and chill conversation. We offer sections for basic technology discussion and we're equipped with a decent coding and programming section where you can share your sources or simply just discuss programming languages. For the gamers, we have a gaming section, where you can talk about PC, console, and even mobile gaming. Leet Forums includes features such as liking posts and awards. You're welcome to submit an award request in our section if you feel you deserve a specific award.

We've also added the NewPoints system to the community. Wrack up credits and head over and buy yourself the Elite or Sudo usergroup where you'll have extra special permissions and access to the private section on the forums!

Recent changes include lotteries, coin toss, and rock-paper-scissor bets, an addition to the NewPoints system, and a faster way to earn credits!