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Mar 12, 2016
PS4Forum [] launched in August 2013, about 3-4 months before the launch of PlayStation 4. Went on to become the #1 PlayStation 4 Forum in the world. That is, depending on the keyword. "PS4 Forum" ranks #1. "PS4Forum" ranks #1. But the previous owner didn't use "PlayStation 4 Forum" or "PlayStation 4 Forums" in the meta description (for browser), it's in the snippet meta description. However, it's still on the first page, and is competing against the official forums, and a few PlayStation 4 sites.

I purchased the domain, files, and database on September 6th, and completed the migration on September 9th (oddly enough, the original PlayStation released in U.S. on this day!)

Nonetheless, I am working on a new project and will be trailing the leaks, rumors, and other speculative talk about the Next Generation PlayStation console.
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