Review Blogging and Gaining Traffic From it?

Friendly Survival

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Nov 4, 2017
Hello, I am asking here for anyone who is able to give me inputs on starting up a blog for reviewing products. Like for instance...

1. Am I missing anything beside knowing that I will need a platform that will provide good back linking abilities and the type of products I am looking to review and in what manners? In order to make this a resourceful and traffic generating website?
2. Regarding platforms what one(s) are viewed as being a simple to work with but the job well done for marginal fee or even free to use (hardware obviously will be "dog food" from my brand)?
3. How regularly should I expect to do this in order to pull this well? One posting a week good? I am wondering whether or not if I need to have a large stash for purchasing products to review on a very frequent basis or if I can get away with buying it a few times a month.
4. Anything else you suggest?

Please do let me know and thanks in advance!