What is Micro-Niche Blogging?


Despairingly Simple
Nov 2, 2017
What is Micro-Niche Blogging?

Micro-niche = A website based on one specific topic. Ex: Dog food, women’s fashion, running shoes, Chinese food, etc. A micro-niche blog is one which is catered toward a very particular topic.

For example: • Niche topic - Lose weight • Micro-niche topic - Lose belly fat If you want to create a micro-niche in mobile technology: • Niche topic - Android/iPhone • Micro-niche topic - Android apps • Micro-niche topic - iPhone apps

The biggest challenge to getting started with a micro-niche site is finding a profitable niche. In our case, we are going to use Google AdSense to monetize our work, so we will want to focus on a niche where we can get a high CPC (cost per click). Note: In certain scenarios, it's good to pick a lower CPC niche if that is a niche that is of particular interest to you.

Sean Quinn

Almost Special
My interest tends to jump from topic to topic as time goes along, i was gonna do a blog about football, then wrestling, then toy reviews, then lots of other ideas lol, but then i decided to just make a general blog that can have all the things on it, so whatever i am into whatever month, i can just post about it all on the same blog. :yum: